Year 2022 Industry Healthcare Deliverables Visual identity, naming, spatial design Credits Development: Vidar Finde

Helseblikk offers a diverse range of health services with a holistic treatment approach, resulting in a clinic concept for tomorrow's needs. In collaboration with Helseblikk, we crafted a name capturing their essence and a visual identity tailored to their unique service as the only private health clinic in Grimstad.

Helseblikk envisioned a design that would position them apart in the market and challenge industry standards. Their aspiration was for warmth and simplicity. Their visual identity concept builds upon a life of joy, fewer health concerns, and a holistic treatment perspective.

The playful illustrations infuse a human touch to the design, distinguishing Helseblikk's identity from typical industry aesthetics.

In our collaboration with Helseblikk, crafting the right name was a central task. They sought a name that aligned with their core vision: a holistic approach to treatment.

Vergia, Arendals Fossekompani

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